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Bid Manager

Enporion (a GEP Company) Bid Manager delivers a hosted, on demand application for both online auction software and electronic RFI, RFQ or RFP (e-RFx) services to buyers and suppliers.

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Benefits and Features:

  • Provides one centralized system for all bidding processes, eliminating data scattered across paper documents, word processors, spreadsheets and address books. All bid questionnaires, specifications, supplier lists, responses and bid tabulations are available from a standard web browser via this online auction software.
  • Conducts reverse auctions, placing suppliers in a real time competitive environment where they can observe and react to the current leading bid. This encourages suppliers to offer more competitive pricing by providing them the opportunity to know the pricing (or rank, in some cases) required to win the bid.
  • Online forward auctions are used to sell pipeline capacity, wholesale electricity, and surplus materials and equipment and can be useful to buyers or suppliers with needs to sell materials or services. The dynamic bidding environment that exists in online reverse auctions results in more favorable bids to the seller.
  • Automates the manual process of supplier management record keeping by offering online supplier registration providing a centralized database of approved suppliers. This online auction software allows suppliers full profile management capabilities, removing this burden from the buyer.
  • Provides a centralized repository of all bidding activities. The ability to reuse bid documents and specifications eliminates duplication of work and provides templates for future bid activities helping to streamline the e-RFx process.
  • Minimizes costs associated with creating, packaging and distributing bid documents. System-generated email notifications eliminate manual notification efforts such as mailing labels or document faxing. Bid cycles can also be significantly shortened by eliminating the time delays from traditional bid distribution through this e-RFx.
  • Eliminates manual supplier sourcing efforts and ensures equal opportunity by generating automatic email notifications for suppliers to receive auction requests.
  • Ensures compliance with centralized policies and procedures by providing role based security and audit trail reporting.

Time stamps and encrypts all activities to ensure a fair and secure business environment.


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